About Us

Building with Tenheggeler Homes

At Tenheggeler Homes we offer a specialized service that is tailored to suit every client’s individual needs, with a large range of plans to suit every type of family. We have been building quality homes in Gladstone for over 20 years, whether it is your entry level home, or your large dream home, we do them all.

Troy Tenheggeler is a hands on local builder so you can be guaranteed the best quality, craftsmanship and supervision for the construction of your new home. We only have one team of builders and Troy is onsite supervising and managing your home from start to finish so you know your job is going to be built to perfection. Here at Tenheggeler Homes we believe that communication is the most important part of building a new home.

What makes Tenheggeler Homes different?

At Tenheggeler Homes we step you through the whole process. Troy Tenheggeler is available to meet you onsite at every stage. He will walk you through the home to ensure that you are 100% happy with your building progress. As the owner, you’ll get to meet with the Tiler, Electrician and Cabinet Maker, to go through the layouts and positioning to ensure that you are happy with your new home.

We also offer a complimentary colour consultancy package and free quotations on plans as well as meeting you on the block to talk through the positioning, design and earthworks of your home. We have fixed price contracts – no hidden extras or bills given at the end of construction. 

Tenheggeler Homes is a locally owned and operated family-based building company with 30 years of experience in the building industry. Troy Tenheggeler is the managing director and has serviced the community of Gladstone for the past 20 years. Troy’s comprehensive experience over a variety of different building projects has enabled him to provide his clients with a professional, personalised service. Pride is taken by our company’s accomplishments, by establishing a strong client relationship and sense of trust by dealing directly with the builder to ensure your project and ideas are incorporated into the finished product.

During the 20 years of building in Gladstone, Tenheggeler Homes have received many major awards with the Queensland Master Builders Australia. They include – Best Bathroom, President’s Award, House of the Year in various building categories, House on Sloping Sites and Multi-residential up to $500,000.

We are committed to providing our valued clients with an on-time project, along with astute attention to detail with day to day running on any residential or commercial project. We pride ourselves on “Elegance, Style and Quality.”

Our Queensland Master Builders Awards

2000 – Best Individual Home (up to $300,000)
2000 – Best Multi Residential Housing (Duplexes & Townhouses) (up to $300,000)
2002 – Quality Workmanship
2004 – Best House for a Sloping Site (up to $275,000)
2004 – Best Display Home (up to $300,000)
2005 – House of the Year
2005 – Best Bathroom
2007 – Master Builders President’s Award
2007 – Best Individual Home (up to $300,000)
2007 – Best Individual Home (up to $200,000)
2008 – Best Individual Home (up to $660,000)
2009 – Best Individual Home ($441,000 to $550,000)
2009 – Best Display Home (up to $700,000)
2012 – Best Kitchen
2013 – Best House for Sloping Site up to ($425,000)
2014 – Best Kitchen
2014 – Apprentice Employer of the Year
2014 – Best Display Home -up to ($375,000)
2015 – Best Individual Home – up to ($375,000)
2016 – Excellence in Sustainable Living
2017 – Best Bathroom
2017 – Best Display Home (up to $351,000)
2017 – Excellence in Sustainable Living
2018 – Excellence in Sustainable Living
2019 – Best Bathroom
2019 – Excellence in Sustainable Living