Find out how to build energy-efficient Eco Cool Home

Single Storey. 

Traditional build – 8 steps

Steel / timber wall framing
Roof trusses (steel or timber) truss roof
Roof – tiles, metal sheeting
Services – electrician / plumber
Battens, ceiling, insulation
Brick / clad external
Sheet interior with plasterboard
Render exterior & finish interior

Single Storey

InsulLiving® build – 5 steps

Base channel, InsulWall,® top roof Channel
Services – electrical / plumbing
Lay roof, insulation, ceiling in one step with SolarSpan® roof panels
Extend finish options, Colorbond or Rendered
Interior finish normal

Game changing system that benefits builders and families

Constant Temperature

Unlike a traditional home, all external and internal walls contain built-in, high performing insulation. Due to the minimal heating and cooling required.

High Performance

Bondor’s InsulLiving® system provides superior insulation for the life of the building. The insulation qualities have been CodeMark certified, which means it’s easier for new homes to exceed the minimum 6 and get up to 9.5 Star Rating.

Award Winning

The InsulLiving® system is leading the way in construction, innovation and technology i
n residential housing in Australia. InsulLiving’s® Burpengary home has won Bondor various awards from the HIA and BDAQ.

Deflects Heat

SolarSpan® and InsulWall® deflect the heat or cold from the outside, which creates an interlocking insulated barrier to protect you and your family from harsh weather conditions.

Significant Energy Saving

InsulLiving keeps you comfortable and saves on cooling/heating costs forever.

Anti Termite

The InsulLiving® system will protect you and your family from natures little hidden nasties. The system contains no wood, meaning there’s no chance of structural damage due to termites.


InsulWall® by Bondor® is a complete walling system combining insulation between two steel skins to form a structural and load bearing panel. InsulWall® panels lock easily together, and when coupled with SolarSpan® roofing, they form a fully insulated, structural shell. InsulWall® is produced using innovative steel, exclusively made by BlueScope Steel, which allows the direct rendering on the outside, and painting on the inside, without costly and time-consuming additional layers.
  • Exclusively developed BlueScope Steel skins for direct application of render and paint.
  • Rebated edge for plastering joints.
  • Slipjoint system for easily interconnecting panels.
  • Lightweight high performing insulated core.
  • Services ducts for plumbing, electrical and data.

SolarSpan® Roof

SolarSpan® by Bondor combines roofing, insulation and ceiling in one durable, functional and attractive panel. It is up to 50% faster to install than conventional roofing, as it includes trusses and insulation, ‘all-in-one’.

It offers an attractive smooth  ceiling without the need for plastering or painting, superior thermal performance (when compared to a traditional roofing system) and maintains insulation integrity for the life of the home.

The SolarSpan® roof and ceiling are both made from Bluescope Colorbond® Steel, the best quality steel suitable for Australia’s harsh conditions.

Bondor stands by SolarSpan® as the best quality insulated roof on the market and refuses to compromise on quality for your investment.

When combined with Insulwall® and the other insulLiving® components, SolarSpan® helps create one of the most energy efficient building systems in Australia.

What makes Eco Cool Homes different?

An Eco Cool home is constructed quicker than normal brick homes. The wall panel is made from two steel powder-coated sheets, with an insulation material in the middle that is fire rated.

  • 3.6 high raked ceilings in the main living area
  • More energy efficient – up to 9.1 star ratings can be achieved
  • Less maintenance on the exterior and internal areas

Troy Tenheggeler is available to meet you onsite at every stage. He will walk you through the home to ensure that you are 100% happy with your building progress. As the owner, you’ll get to meet with the Tiler, Electrician and Cabinet Maker, to go through the layouts and positioning to ensure that you are happy with your new home. 

We offer a complimentary colour consultancy package and free quotations on plans as well as meeting you on the block to talk through the positioning, design and earthworks of your home. We have fixed price contracts – no hidden extras given at the end of construction. We are an honest, hands-on local builder with old-fashioned morals you deserve as a client and a homeowner.

At Eco Cool Homes

We offer a specialized service that is tailored to suit every client’s individual needs. We have a large range of plans to suit every type of family. We have been building quality homes in Gladstone for over 20 years.

We specialize in new homes and would love the opportunity to provide you with a detailed quote on your block of land. Call for your free quote.

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